You are going to own an unique product:

 Why UNIQUE? What impact do they make?

1. Impact on Environment: When you buy our handmade products, you lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth. All our products are made consciously by conserving resources and energies. By buying "the upcycled wonder" products, you are saving n amount of textile scrap from landfill. As by-product of fast fashion industry, the textile scraps and unwanted cloths often end up in landfill, thus polluting the top soil and making Earth infertile. YOU CAN STOP THIS with your conscious decision. Our products are made out of cotton scraps; consciously designed to lessen waste to stop environmental pollution and handmade with Love. Products made with utmost hygiene and skilled expertise. Our production does not yield any waste as we strategically reuse the tiniest scraps. 

2. Impact on People: When you buy a handmade gift from us, you will help a child to not fall into crime, by supporting his/her school education and also you will save one life of crime affected woman.

Our all products are bespoke & made per request : They all are unique in design and every piece will be different from each other. That is the USP & beauty too. Everyone's wonder buddies will be different, bespoke.The print will be different as per the availability of the fabric scraps. Sometimes, we  maintain a color story as part of a collection. We also take fully customized order.