• Gharial

    Gharial is a crocodilian species which has critically endangered status. Only 650 adult Gharials are left (according to 2018 report). This particular species can be found in Indian subcontinent at Ganges river and its tributaries. This availability of Gharial in a particular geographical area had made them endemic species which means if we lose the Gharial in Indian subcontinent, we will be losing the whole species from the Earth! Losing one species from the Earth causes ripple effects in our bio-diversity. If we don’t have proper bio-diversity, then our human race will be omitted as fast as it can from the Earth. Our “linear economy” lifestyle of “take-make and dispose” not only polluting the nature but also making us irresponsible about the other species on Earth!

    That is the reason we, Lily & the Wonder Women team, thought that we need to spread knowledge awareness about Gharial through our “Gharial” collection of buddy toys.


    This handmade Gharial has made out from disposed textile scraps, keeping in mind the aesthetics and hygiene. This is specially created to acknowledge the existence of this species. Each time you hug this cute Gharial, we are sure that it will raise your “empathy” level more and it will also make you ask why the population of Gharials are declining and how we can stop it!

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