When waste is Wealth!

This is an easy-peasy DIY hich not only revamp your any old tray (tea serving tray), but also you will lessen your carbon foot print.

We all have someone in our home who loves to eat maggi noodles. Like this we accumulate lots of packaging from snacks and groceries. Do we know where it all go? it all end up either in landfill or choking the water ways! In India, around 43% of manufactured plastics are used for packaging purpose and most are of single use which end up in landfill. With a little patience, we can stop this pollution by 70% and giving a longer life in our houses through upcycling. We can make, re-purpose plastic packaging into beautiful things which will stop the plastic packets to end up as our solid waste. Today I have done that by reusing the waste Maggi packet as a design statement. Check the video, and try your hands out too.

As we have extra time during this #lockdown period, why don't we use this time creatively and contribute our part in saving environment. We "Lily & The Wonder Women" are planning to make a series of DIY repurposing solid waste.

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