When you buy our handmade products, you lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth and help a child to continue his/her school education.

It is a reality that our consuming pattern in fast fashion made the fashion industry as the second  highest environment pollutant! Our whole working model is sustainable, following the circular economy and conscious process of conserving energies.

All our products are consciously made by hand and with love. We collect scraps (textile waste/ plastic waste ) before it end up to dustbins and landfilll. After that, we sanitize our scraps,clean those, Sun dried and then we start sorting scraps according to the design concepts. We use minimal electricity, our machines are run by human, not by electricity and also our water usage is bare minimum. Our production yields literally "zero waste". The tiny scraps which are generated while we are making our products, are also reused strategically as fillers and other ways. 

So far, we have saved 100,000 gms of textile scraps going to landfill and re-used them into beautiful designer products. We work in a slow fashion mode to produce low carbon footprint products. 

Our products are handmade by a group of women who are brave to restart their lives amidst the crime and violence. The area where they live and where we work together, is an infamous tsunami settlement area of Chennai. This tsunami settlement, Kannaginagar is a violent place with gang wars and narcotics menace which made the lives of the women and their children in a difficult situation.There, in Kannaginagar, the common future of the children is to become juvenile! 

Lily & The Wonder Women aims to support these women to have a sustainable decent livelihood and we are in constant efforts to send the children at school to avoid the inevitable crime path!

We will succeed only, if you support these brave wonder women, by buying their products!

Our Vision:

  1.  To provide dignified sustainable livelihood for the crime affected women.

  2.  To stop the textile waste going into landfills by upcycling cloth wastes as much as possible.

  3. To provide fair wages.

  4.  To establish a social sustainable business model .

  5.  To do all the activities on the line of “Swatch Bharat”.

  6. To provide fair wages so that our women can send their children to school s and also to provide meals for their families.

  7.  To imbibe the “slow fashion” business model for protecting the environment pollution from textile & plastic waste.

straight from heart

Mala amma is making patchwork pouch which can be used as multipurpose travel buddy, whether in party or in backpack!


are you ready to find a sparrow in urban jungle? our ode to decreasing sparrow community. Inquire us more about this collection.

the longing

They are waiting to be picked up :)

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"collection 2020" to meet them.


We loved this aesthetic frame! staring towards this during lockdown!

dolled up

This cute penguin is getting ready to add charm in your bunting :) go to our shop section & bring'em home.

hygge moment

We all should learn how to have our hygge moments like this catty couple with their fishy picnic!

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